Thankfully Retailers Staying Closed on Thanksgiving

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Every year I look forward to my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving.

Two years ago in my turkey day article titled, Retailers Are Ruining Thanksgiving, I wrote about retailers opening for the holiday. Unfortunately, more and more retailers have followed. Macy’s and Target recently announced they will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

Now some courageous retailers have decided to stay closed for Thanksgiving Day. Retailers like Costco, Nordstrom, Staples and Petco are keeping their doors shut for Thanksgiving. I say, “Bravo!!!” It’s so good to see some businesses put people before the dollar.

Two years ago I wondered if retailers are really that desperate for a buck that they have to open on one of my sacred holidays. It’s sad that the frenzy for money has caused businesses to overlook the lives of their employees. Don’t you think they want to stay home too?

Why does this ruffle my feathers so much?

Well I think it’s a couple of reasons.

First, the holiday is about giving thanks. I’m so thankful for the life I have. I thank God everyday for all the gifts given to me and my family. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all those things we appreciate and are thankful for.

Second, it’s about being with family and friends. I cannot understand anyone that would truly want to work on this fantastic holiday. I want my family around me during these special holidays.

Finally, it’s the most relaxing holiday we have. Why would anyone want to run around shopping for a crappy sweater or large screen TV? There’s enough running around all year-long for kids, work, events and other activities.

Join with me this year as I park my keister on the couch, watching football and not shopping! If you want to subscribe, just click here and my virtual paperboy will drop my articles in your inbox every Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!