Some Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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happy-mothers-day-flowersMother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th for those of you that wait till the last minute!

It always creeps up on me, and I realize I have not taken the time to figure out what the Moms in my life might like.

So as any son or husband would do…I googled it.

So here are a few thoughtful gifts that you can give Mom this Mother’s Day:

1. A night at the movies. I’m a huge movie buff, even thought the cost of going to a movie is getting higher and higher. There’s just something about the whole experience, it’s a real treat for me. Your Mom will find it a fun event too. Buy two tickets, popcorn and the works and it will not cost you more than $50.

2. Gardening gift basket. If the Mom in your life likes to garden, who wouldn’t want a gift basket full of seeds, plant, books, gloves or even tools for the task? My wife loves to garden. You can select a few things at your local hardware store, buy a basket, arrange the items and wrap it with a big bow. Another idea under $50.

3. Box set of favorite TV shows. Everybody has a favorite TV series. Why not buy the complete set of a season or two? Moms are busy and may not get a chance to catch every episode. This item will definitely be affordable.

4. Spa day or massage. Mom works really hard and could probably use a spa day with or without the massage. Your call. It’s a great way to show her you care enough for her to have a little me time. The gift of relaxation so to speak.

5. Do the laundry for her. This will only cost you your time. It’s a huge task at my house and always has been. My wife has always appreciated our effort because it gives her time to do things she has put off because of the laundry pile we call Everest!

6. Gift of reading. Does your Mom like to read? Buy her a box set of a book series. If she’s a Kindle reader, get an Amazon gift card for her to select her favorite books. This gift will probably be anywhere fro $25-50. Books are a great escape, informative and inspirational.

7. Photo album. What Mom doesn’t like pictures of her family? You could just buy the album, or you could fill it with memories too. Print up some fun times when Mom is in the pic and fill the album of memorable times. This item shouldn’t cost much at all, and you can stay in your budget.

Well, thanks again Google! You came to the rescue in giving all of us some great thoughtful ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day. Now I just have to pick one! Or two.

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