Six Keys to Maximizing Wealth for Small Business Owners-Key #2 Control Debt

This is Key #2 of the Six Keys to Maximizing Wealth for Small Business Owners-Control Debt. There will be 6 articles containing all the keys to maximizing wealth for small business owners. So here’s a taste of Key #2.

In today’s economy debt is a four letter word, but may be a necessary evil to grow your business. There are several reasons behind a company going into debt including expansion, poor management and unexpected expenses.

Business debt can also be a good thing. It can help to establish your franchise, fund growth or invest for the future.

If you own your own business, money and debt can be a constant issue. When you have serious business debts, you have a few basic alternatives. You can cut back, expand, or go out of business. Another option is to make more money. Instead of constricting your business, consider expanding by applying for a business loan instead to solve your cash crunch.

The single most effective way for a business to balance its debt is by reducing its overhead and maximizing profits. In recent years, banks have borrowers on edge and if the level of borrowing becomes excessive it can cause many problems such as:

  • Running out of operating capital
  • Breach of loan provisions
  • Insufficient liquidity
  • Business value reduction
  • Inability to invest in technology or upgrades
  • Layoffs

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