My 10 Favorite Posts from 2013


I wrote quite a few articles this past year. Today I wanted to provide a list of my favorite posts of 2013. All of these are from my blog, The Diligent Advisor, and all are from 2013.

Perhaps you missed a couple of these and wanted to go back and read them. Here they are below in no particular order.

My Favorite Funny Financial Quotes
Why I’m Not Buying A New Car Anytime Soon
4 Dumb Things I Did That Made Me Poorer
6 Cool Things About The New Hundred Dollar Bill
Zombieland Survival Rules for Investors
Money Can’t Buy Happiness
10 Scary Movie Rules for Investors
5 Financial Tips for Newlyweds
Money Revelations from My Recent Vacation
7 Good Financial Habits to Teach Your Children

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