My 10 Favorite Articles from 2015

I wrote quite a few articles this past year. Today I wanted to provide a list of my favorite posts of 2015. All of these are from my blog, The Diligent Advisor, and all are from 2015.

Perhaps you missed a couple of these and wanted to go back and read them. Here they are below in no particular order.

●  401(k) No-Nos
●  4 Don’ts for Investors During A Correction
●  Self-Employment Taxes are a Special Kind of Hell
●  Rethink Loaning Money to Family and Friends
●  No 401(k)? Here’s How to Save for Retirement
●  My Son’s First Paycheck and His Tax Revelations
●  How to Ride the Irregular Income Roller Coaster
●  Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil…it’s Procrastination
●  Upset? Avoid Major Money Decisions
●  Money Equals Choices

Here are a few that deserve honorable mention that didn’t make the Top 10:

●  Can You Have Too Much Life Insurance?
●  College of Debt and Despair?
●  Hoarding Cash Like Apple?

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