April is Financial Literacy Month – Share A Tip

_financial_literacyWe’ve covered a lot during this series on Financial Literacy. Some of the topics have been about, debt, cash reserves, setting goals and retirement.

Now we are covering a step that you can do yourself!

Step 24: Share a Tip For A Change is all about telling others about what you have learned. When you find these great tips from the website, or even from my blog The Diligent Advisor, share them with other people. It could be sharing with your children or even your parents, maybe even a coworker. This is a hot tip you want to share!

The Financial Literacy Month website can be shared. Tell someone about an interesting financial blog or an app you downloaded that helped you. I’m going  to implement this step right now.

Here’s my tip: There is an iPhone app I use called BillMinder. It helps me keep track of bills and check off the ones I’ve paid. Simple but effective. I think everyone that has monthly obligations can use it.

Some of the best ideas for my blog including this series, have come from other people! Even though this step is short and sweet, it’s extremely powerful. You just never know what might turn around the finances of someone else.

Next up in the Financial Literacy series is financial check-ups and understanding the cost of credit. Check back soon!