6 Cool Things About The New Hundred Dollar Bill

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The hundred-dollar bill just got a cool new makeover. I love it!

I’ve long loved the money from foreign countries. With beautiful images and vibrant colors, foreign currency could almost be considered artwork. I’ve always thought our money was kinda boring by comparison…until now.

I got a chance to look at a few of these back in November. That’s when I cashed out this year’s Christmas Club. Unfortunately, they did not remain in my possession for very long!

The new $100 bill is beautiful. It’s also the second most common bill in circulation. Numeral uno – the $1 bill. The new Benjamin costs about 60% more to produce. It’s also loaded with security features. Making it very hard to copy.











Here’s some neat facts about the C-note:

1. Over a decade of development. Yep, the treasury has been working on this work of art for over 10 years. It’s the first new design since 1996 too. I think it is so much fun to look at!

2. Ben Franklin still modeling the cover. Franklin is the only non-president on any of our currency. But in my opinion deserves his spot. This country has benefited greatly from his wisdom, guidance, patriotism and of course his inventions. If there is one person from history, living or dead, I’d like to meet, it’s him.

3. The security ribbon. This is probably the most prominent change on the bill. This is the blue strip that runs down the front of the bill. It’s also the most complex the U.S. has ever produced. The ribbon is not printed. It’s actually woven into the paper. If you tilt the bill back and forth while looking at the ribbon, the Liberty Bells change to 100s as they move.

4. The Liberty Bell in the Inkwell. Another really cool addition is on the front of the bill. There is a feathered quill and a copper inkwell. Tilt the note and there’s a Liberty Bell hidden inside the inkwell. It also changes from copper to green. Top that foreign currency!









5. Gold and larger.
The new bill sports some nice gold on the front inkwell. But the back of the bill now has a large 100 in gold! Why so large? For the visually impaired to distinguish the denomination.

6. It sports some texture too. This paper just feels different to the touch. In fact, run your finger over Franklin’s shoulder. It should feel a little rough to the touch. This is from the enhanced intaglio printing process. Don’t ask, I don’t know how that works. You may have felt a business card with raised ink, this is similar.

Overall it’s a pretty cool improvement over the older version. I’m looking forward to what will happen with other denominations in the future. If you liked my article, subscribe for free here!