Why Do We Love March Madness So Much?

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March-Madness-031312L_1I’m sure a lot of you have spent a few hours watching college basketball this season. I know I have!

It’s even more exciting in March during the NCAA tournament.

So I wanted to switch things up and not talk about money or investments this time. Maybe just talk about something that is a little different, but also interesting to me.

Why are we so into March Madness?

First and foremost, you probably love sports. Furthermore, you love basketball too. With dozens of games to watch, it’s a virtual cornecopia of hoops. So March Madness allows the basketball player to definitely get a full serving of the game.

Second, it brings out school or state loyalty. All of us are proud of the state we are from or the school we attended. March Madness gives us the chance, if our school wins, to brag about being the best. Come on, don’t you love to rub it in when your team is a winner?

Third, it gives you a chance to talk about a common subject with people. Sometimes that person at work is difficult, and you never know what to say. Talk about March Madness and basketball and all of sudden! Wham, they won’t shut up. So March Madness bridges communication barriers, right?

Fourth, it could be a way to strengthen a relationship. I love spending time with my family during these games. It gives us something to band together in a common cause…a victorious college basketball team! So you could say that March Madness brings families together.

Finally, it’s a diversion. A get away from our everyday lives. Many people take vacations around the tournament. You’ve probably even watched a few games at work! Shhh, don’t let your boss read this. He’ll know our little secret. It allows my mind to drift away from all the other problems and things I have to do. It’s just a nice mental get away.

For me, it’s all of these things. Maybe you never really thought about why you love March Madness beyond a love for the game. Hope your team wins this year.

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