Thank A Veteran

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THANK_YOU-veteransA few years ago I took my family to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. It was a great vacation for all the obvious reasons. One day we were at MGM Studios watching the Indiana Jones Spectacular. What has always stood out in my mind was on that particular day it was military appreciation day.

Just before the show started, the announcer asked all of the current and former military veterans to please stand up. There were quite a few scattered throughout the audience. I stood there looking around at my fellow vets soaking in the applause of the crowd.

I was very proud that I had served. Probably more that day than any other.

Another time I was in a store making a purchase, and my military I.D. was showing. The clerk said, “Thank you for your service to our country.” I was floored! I couldn’t believe he sad that. It made me feel good.

I tell these stories because it is Veterans Day, and vets are everywhere and in all professions scattered amongst us. They never ask to be recognized, and they didn’t serve for the money or the fame. Just love of country and an inward idea of duty.

This Veterans Day, tell a vet how much you appreciate their service. It might just be as memorable to them as the stories I’ve just shared with you.

Thanks to all those who have served.