Stranded But Making Memories

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ss-car-broken-downEvery once in a while I like to stray from my normal type of blog and discuss, in the words of Monte Python; “Now for something completely different.”

This past week my wife was going to visit an old family friend and spend a little girl time with my daughter before she moves into the dorm at college. They were going to meet in Charlotte. However, my car had other plans. About two hours before she got there the engine decided to quit!

My wife and daughter were stranded on the interstateand I wasn’t there.

It was late Friday night and most repair garages had already closed. To top it off, the dealership did not open until Monday morning. My wife and daughter were hundreds of miles from home in a town that was unfamiliar. My stress level was at an all time high. My wife was really upset too.

But sometimes something good comes out of adversity. 

What good could come out of an expensive unexpected car repair, hotel bills and a car rental, you ask?


First, an older lady was a good samaritan and gave them a ride to the rental car agency. Second, the tow truck driver did not charge them for the extra $40 after the initial mileage was obtained. Plus, the rental car was discounted significantly due to the fact that our car broke down. It was also a great bonding experience for my two favorite ladies.

I told them to do a little shopping and take their minds off the stress. Sometimes a simple gesture such as a gift goes a long way in these situations. I told my daughter that I would buy her a couple of dresses for her sorority rush week. I told my wife to go ahead and buy a few things, and eat at a few nice restaurants as well.

The thing is, they are stuck there, but it will be their memory forever. They had fun and made the best of it. In fact, they made the best of my credit card to boot!

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