Retailers Are Ruining Thanksgiving

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TurkeyThanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I look forward to it every year. Unfortunately, starting this year I believe retailers are ruining Thanksgiving.

Reasons Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday
First, it’s not about shopping for a gift. It’s not as commercial as every other holiday. I do not have any pressure to pick a size or be thoughtful. Second, it’s about being with your family and breaking bread. Spending time with the people that matter most to you. Finally, it’s about being thankful. Thankful for everything you have in life.

This year I feel that major retailers are crossing the line with the whole “Open On Thanksgiving” idea.

Are they really so desperate that they need the money from those extra hours that shoppers will come out? 

Do they really believe that households will stop eating, watching football and socializing with friends to pick up another wide screen TV or hard-to-find kids toy?

Here’s Why Retailers Are Ruining Thanksgiving
Major retailers are ruining Thanksgiving just for the very reasons that I mentioned that make it my favorite holiday. First, I don’t want to shop for Christmas before Halloween or on Thanksgiving Day. Frankly, you have thirty days after turkey day to get your butt in gear.

Second, retailers are tempting families to spend the time away from their loved ones. Shop instead. Yes you are free to do as you like and pick up some sales. However, is it more important to be together or shop for each other?

Third, retailers are cutting into the time that people take to be thankful for the things they have. In my opinion, we can’t be thankful and humble for what you have if we are out shopping for more crap we really don’t need. I won’t even get into the credit cards or the overspending.

Finally, is nothing sacred. Who wants to work on Thanksgiving? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an investment guy. I like making money for my clients and myself. Don’t you think all of the people that have to work on the holiday would rather be at home having turkey or being with their families?

Bottom Line
I remember years ago when every store began opening on Sundays. That created a big uproar. Eventually every store was open on Sunday. I hope that doesn’t happen with Thanksgiving.

Just because a few big retailers decided that they were desperate enough to be open doesn’t make it right. I for one refuse to go shopping on my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving.

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