Mobilligy Review: The Best Bill Paying App I’ve Tried


I love finding a really useful app for my iPhone.

You might think I have tons of cool stock market and financial apps loaded up. Not the case. I tend to be more of a minimalist when it comes to my phone.

I was recently looking for a bill tracking app. Yes, even financial advisors have a few bills. I wanted to have an app that told me what was due and automatically updated the amount due even if it varied from month to month.

I found that app in Mobilligy. 

What is Mobilligy?
Mobilligy is a really cool app for iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire. It reminds me when all my bills are due. One of the coolest features is the ability to enter most of your financial websites login info right from the app. Once you do, it will tell you that the bill is due and tell you the amount! You can add most major banks and credit cards to the accounts section.

Mobilligy Features
One of Mobilligy’s main features is it allows you to pay a bill from your checking account, debit card or linked credit card. Talk about convenient. My favorite feature is the upcoming bills section. You can view it by a list or toggle to a monthly calendar, where you’ll see dots on the days you have bills due. You can also designate how far in advance you want to be reminded of an upcoming bill. The app will display a nice little badge as a visual cue to fork it over. Keeping you from incurring cruddy late fees.

Sometimes bills that don’t have websites, like my life insurance or a medical bill. In Mobilligy, I set up a reminder that this bill is due on a certain date just like any other bill.  You can have it remind you monthly, quarterly or any interval you can imagine. Convenient and simple.


Why I Like Mobilligy
One thing that really impressed me about Mobilligy is their support. It’s part of the app! I sent a message which sort of looked like a chat. My credit unions was not supported and I had asked what I could do to get it in the app. Rachel@Mobilligy answered me within a minute or two. I really love that the app tells me what my bill will be even when if varies, like a utility bill.

I haven’t tried the bill paying feature just yet. That’s because my credit union isn’t supported right now, but it looks interesting. Mobilligy is optimized for iOS7 with nice swipe features and a PIN lock code to hide your info.

I think this is the best bill paying and tracking apps I tried. The service is awesome and the app functions beautifully. Give it a try!

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