FileThis Fetch – Go Paperless and Get All Your Documents Organized

filethis fetchOver the last two years I’ve finally decided to go paperless. I resisted for so long out of fear that I would need a piece of paper at some point.

The deciding factor was when I was looking for a tax document about a year ago. I went to the large container where I stored multiple years of tax return documents. To say the least I was overwhelmed! I always organize pretty well, but this was time consuming. I had made up my mind.

So I started checking the boxes to go paperless. One of the annoyances with paperless statements is that I have to go get them. First, I get an email saying I have a statement. Then I have to log into that site, look for the current statement and download it. It’s a little time consuming.

Enter FileThis Fetch.

What the heck is FileThis Fetch?
Filethis Fetch is pretty cool. FileThis provides an easy to use, low cost web service that fetches and delivers financial statements, bills, and documents from banks, retirement funds, credit card and utility companies and then delivers them to Evernote, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or your computer. It will allow all of these statements to now be searchable!

Ok how much?
The service is $20 per year for up to 12 connections. That’s really cheap! If you need more you can buy a plan that allows 30 connections for $50. Plus there are some discounts for buying multiple years.

What’s the catch?
There was one drawback I discovered. There were a few online connections that did not exist for me. My credit union, electric company and mortgage company were not on the list. So I’ll have to “fetch” those myself like a financial labrador retriever. I’m going to check with FileThis to see if they will be adding those connections in the future. Also this service is still in Beta.

How secure is this?
Right about now, a few of my more tech savvy readers are thinking about security. In some of the reviews I read, potential users voiced concern over giving a business this much secure information. FileThis addresses this on their web page and you can review it here. I was relieved to see the service uses SSL 256 bit encryption, which is bank level security. None of your information is read by them, it simply “passes through” to where it is going. I know that some will never give this info out, but I feel secure with the security features.

Hopefully, this makes you a little more efficient in dealing with all that paper-less stuff. The more of these services I explore, the more that I find them useful, and yes, sometimes working together. If you found this article helpful, subscribe here and I’ll send my articles to your every Friday!