Do You Need A Financial Do Over?

dooverWhen I was a kid, my friends and I used to play games and sports on our street. Whenever someone made a mistake, we would yell, “Do Over!” That way you got a second chance to do it right.

Wouldn’t you like a financial do over? …or two…or three?

There are many times in my financial life and career that I’d like to have a financial do over.

So what would your financial do over be?

Here are some financial do overs I’ve heard over the years:

1. Not saving more
2. Not starting sooner
3. Abusing credit cards
4. Leasing a car
5. Not saving for education
6. Failing to maxing out my 401k
7. Getting poor financial advice
8. Not working from a financial plan
9. Not educating my kids about money
10. Continuing to live paycheck to paycheck

You get the picture. There are just 10 here, but literally hundreds of financial do overs out there. So what are my financial do overs? Yes, this financial advisor has a couple!

My Financial Do Overs
Without a doubt, my first financial regret was leasing a car. It just wasn’t something I should have done. It ended up costing me more money for a car I wanted to keep anyway. Another financial do over would be getting and staying in credit card debt early in my life. Credit cards help us to get over the blues, celebrate and unfortunately, go deeper into debt. If I had not been so liberal in their use, my savings would be more substantial to this day.

It’s never too late to get a financial “do over”. If your do over is on the list above, there are steps you can take right now to improve the situation. If you want to yell “do over!”, then write me  or call me at 859-225-2596. You can get #7 and #9 from subscribing to my blog for FREE right here!