April is Financial Literacy Month – Protect Yourself by Performing Financial Check-Ups

_financial_literacyMy hope is that by now you have gone to the Financial Literacy Month website, taken the pledge and actually shared the information with someone else!

This is really good solid financial education. If you have adult children starting out on their own, share this stuff with them. It really could make a difference.

In Step 26: Protect Yourself by Performing FInancial Check-Ups, continues the theme of The Family CFO. Being The Family CFO is a pretty big task. It might even feel a little overwhelming. Along with paying the bills, dealing with all things finances, you also need to have your family prepared for things that you may not want to happen.

This step is about all those check-ups you should be doing.

I’m not going to go through each one, but I’ll give you a list:

  1. Perform a health insurance check-up
  2. Perform a car insurance check-up
  3. Obtain enough life insurance
  4. Don’t skimp on disability insurance
  5. Protect your assets

You may be wondering about number 5, Protect your assets. Whether you believe it or not, you have an estate and need a will. Don’t allow state law to determine who gets what. Keep a copy in a safe place, or a digital copy somewhere in the cloud.

As you know, from time to time I do a shameless self-promotion! So here it goes. As a wealth advisor, I can do a review of all of these issues through a comprehensive financial plan. It will cover all of this and much more.

Have you performed your financial check-ups lately? If not, give me a call at (859) 225-2596 and let’s get started!