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6 Financial Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

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GiftBox-Money_MI-resize-600x338My wife and kids recently asked me what I want for Father’s Day. As I thought about something to tell them (primarily to get them off the hook!), I thought about what every Dad would want.

Would that be new tie? Tools? Dinner?

Since I write a financial blog, I wondered how I could tie (no pun intended) a Father’s Day gift to money.

Voila! I thought of some of the ultimate Financial Gifts Every Dad would want.

Here are some great financial gifts for Dad:

Dad, I got a scholarship!
I just finished a conversation with my daughter who is completing her junior year in high school. We discussed everything. We discussed public and private colleges, sports, scholarships and my commitment to paying for her college. While I’ve told all my kids I’ll pay for four years of undergraduate, dear old Dad would love to hear those magic words, “Dad, I got a scholarship!” The ultimate Father’s Day present.

Dad, I’ve got the check.
I love taking my kids out. Whether that’s a movie or just a quick bite. I’m really looking forward to the day when my kids offer to pay the bill at dinner. It’s not that I want something for free. It will symbolize a point in their lives that I was instrumental in creating. Their financial independence. I can’t wait to hear on a future Father’s Day, “Dad, it’s on me.”

Sweetie, I found a great deal.
This is just music to my ears. Like a fine concerto. My wife is a great shopper. Whether it’s food, clothes or just a small item for house, she can find it for less. I’m a terrible shopper. I find what I want and just buy it. It’s a bad habit. Even though I hear this phrase regularly, not all spouses are great shoppers and it would make for a nice Father’s Day gift.

Dad, I got a great job.
Why is this a gift for your Dad? Are you kidding me? It means that child will finally be on his own financially. I want my kids off my dime just like any other parent, but don’t get me wrong. I want them to be financially and personally self-sufficient when they are ready. On Father’s Day, it will be a great gift to hear my children tell me, “Dad, I got a great job.”

Dad I got my own car insurance.
I will soon have a third child on my car insurance. I’m sure you are thinking right about now, Wow! I bet his insurance is expensive. You would be right. I cannot wait until my kids start to tell me that have their own car insurance and can get off my policy. I remember the good old days when my car insurance was just a bit over $100 per month. It will be a nice Father’s Day gift to hear the words,”Dad, I got my own car insurance.”

Dad I’m moving out!
Hot Damn! Oh, sorry I got so excited at the thought. No, I’m not as cold as my responses would suggest! It’s mixed feelings for me as well as any parent, when a child moves out of the house. I’ll miss spending time with them everyday. It also symbolizes that I’ve done a good job getting them ready for their own lives. It makes Dad happy that they are independent and off Dad’s ATM!

So when you are thinking about what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, these will be gifts that keep on giving. Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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