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4th of July Financial Tips

american flagHappy Independence Day!  I hope you are spending time with family and friends, enjoying cookouts, sun and a cold beverage.

I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share some solid and simple financial advice during one of my favorite holidays! Even though most places are closed for 4th of July, it’s a great time to do some quick financial tasks that ban better your situation instantly

Get Organized
A holiday and a day off from work are great times to get your finances organized. If you haven’t looked at statements, checkbooks (oh my!) for a while now’s a good time. Don’t blow your whole holiday on your finances, just spend fifteen to thirty minutes and get organized.  One idea may be to create that filing system for all your important paperwork. I personally use a program called Evernote. It helps me create a digital record for everything. 

Find Savings
Another quick thing you can do is take fifteen minutes on the web to shop for better deals on stuff you use now. For instance you can look for better credit card deals on this website. You can also shop for a better savings or checking account at www.FindABetterBank.com.

So an investment of thirty minutes could help you for the rest of the year! Enjoy our nation’s birthday!