4 Year-End Money Moves

I can’t believe 2015 is almost over! It sure went by fast.

As a result, some year-end money moves may have creeped up on you and your investments. So before you mentally check out for the holidays, here’s a few things to do.

  1. Rebalance your portfolio. This is really critical that you do rebalance once per year. Year end is a perfect time to do it. Some investments have done better, and maybe a few have fared worse. So now your asset allocation may be more conservative or more aggressive than you started with. If it’s done for you automatically by your investment manager, all the better.
  2. Retirement contributions. Check your retirement plan and see just how much you’ve put in so far. If you are shy of the $18,000 and an additional $6,000 catch up for age 50 and up, then throw a few more bucks at your retirement.
  3. Start preparing for tax season. I can hear you whining and practically see you rolling your eyes at this one. I know you probably don’t want to do this while you’re Christmas shopping and being festive. If you do, you might get a few extra deductions for IRAs, retirement plans and charitable deductions.
  4. Review your financial goals and set new ones. At this point, you may have reached a goal or two, or possibly fallen short. Do an assessment of exactly where you are and refine your goals. Update your financial plan with your progress. Financial goal setting is an ongoing process.

All of these sound so simple and they really are. The hard part is making time during your busy holiday season to actually do it. As they say, “Get ‘er done!”

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