Columbo Had His Questions, But He Never Hired a New Financial Advisor

I don’t know if you remember the 70′s television detective show Columbo. I may be showing my age even bringing it up! Peter Faulk starred as the L.A. homicide detective in the show. He was very messy and absent-minded. So the criminals usually underestimated him or thought him to be incompetent. Until he started his […]

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Business Succession

Sudden Wealth From The Sale of Your Business?

Sooner or later every business owner wants to retire or just sell his business. For a business owner this is a huge life event. Some are very sure of their decision, while others can be hesitant. They have worked hard for years on their business. Sweating the lean times, and hoping that things would pay […]

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divorce decree

Sudden Wealth From A Divorce?

Divorce is probably one of the most stressful things anyone can go through. It puts strain on your emotions, your family and your finances. I would categorize divorce as a Life Event. It will affect quite a few adults in their lifetimes. A Life Event is a milestone that happens in your life that causes […]

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Money Mumbo Jumbo: What’s The Difference Between Large and Small Cap Stocks?

Large cap, mid cap, small cap what does all this money mumbo jumbo mean? You’ve probably heard this technical jargon thrown around by my industry. Additionally, you’ve noticed it describing your 401(k) investments too. If you’re scratching your head wondering exactly what it means, you’re not alone. Let’s start with some definitions and a few […]

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Bad investment

Is It Time For A Correction?

We’ve been hearing it for months. A stock market correction is coming. It’s going to be soon. Definitely due. In fact, every article, blog, TV show, financial publication and market pro says it’s coming. Oh, and here’s a freaky number. I read that it has been over 1042 days since we corrected 10% or more. […]

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Sudden Wealth From Retirement?

You made it. You are retired. Your new job will be doing whatever you want! Sounds good, right? Retirement can be a wonderful time. It’s a Life Event that usually happens to each of us at some point. Life Events are sometimes expected and other times a complete surprise. They often come with sudden wealth. […]

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property sale

Sudden Wealth From A Property Sale?

You just sold it.  That piece of property, land, family farm or house that you rent or inherited. You just experienced a Life Event. If you haven’t read any of my previous articles in this series, I’ll answer what is a Life Event first. A Life Event is a milestone that happens that can cause […]

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Life Event – Death Of A Spouse

Dealing with the loss of a spouse is very difficult time for you and your family. You will be coping with lots of emotions and handling many complex financial decisions as well. You may have had a spouse that handled all the family finances in the past. If so, this may be a significant learning […]

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Is Cash Obsolete?

Do you use cash anymore? With the wide use of debit and credit cards, we seem to need it less and less. In spite of the fact that we kill ourselves to acquire more and more of the green stuff! Younger generations use plastic and electronic payments more than anyone. Look at PayPal, Amazon and […]

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Job change

Sudden Wealth From A Job Change?

My Mom worked for the University of Kentucky for 41 years. Yep, 41 years! Who does that anymore? Hardly anyone. Most working Americans will change jobs 11 times during their working years, according to Fidelity Investments. That works out to a job switch about every 4 years. Job transitions are an example of Life Event. […]

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