5 Organization Tips To Make Taxes Less Taxing

It’s almost that time again! Taxes. I can almost see your gnashing your teeth and rolling your eyes right now. Nobody likes to do them. Unless you’re getting a refund like the recent HR Block commercial. The one with stacks of cash with your name on it! I wish. If you are in the camp […]

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Remember I Said I’m Glad I Have 529s?

Well I thought I was glad I had College 529s until this week. Just a mere few weeks after my article was published, President Obama in his State of the Union Address has introduced a new plan to discontinue the tax-free withdrawals on earnings in 529 plans. Proposed Tax Change The President’s position is that […]

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How to Ride the Irregular Income Roller Coaster

Irregular income can be a real roller coaster! Especially if your are self-employed. I’ll admit, that uneven paycheck ride sickened me a few times in the early years of running my business. If you’re self-employed then you likely have irregular income. Let’s face it, budgeting sucks. So here are a few creative ideas on budgeting […]

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New Year, New Me Crap Again

Every New Year people make resolutions to lose weight, improve their finances and strengthen their relationships. I call it the New Year, New Me Crap. We all want a fresh start with a New Year. However, most people who get those gym memberships sink back into old habits by February. In fact, January 17 is officially known […]

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Boy I’m Glad I Have 529s

When my kids were very young, I set up a 529 Plan for each one. I’m learning first hand why I’m glad I started them for my kids all those years ago! College is expensive. I’ve glanced at more than a few of the tuitions for these places. What’s a 529 Plan you ask? A […]

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401k bag of money

4 Ways to Supercharge Your 401(k) Returns

Wondering how to boost those returns in your 401(k)? Is there really a way to make more money in my 401(k)? Actually, there are a few things you can do to improve your 401(k) performance. No, it doesn’t involve the exciting world of day-trading your 401(k)! Plus, you don’t have to be an expert at […]

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My 10 Favorite Posts from 2014

I wrote quite a few articles this past year. Today I wanted to provide a list of my favorite posts of 2014. All of these are from my blog, The Diligent Advisor, and all are from 2014. Perhaps you missed a couple of these and wanted to go back and read them. Here they are […]

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merry christmas

Christmas Spirit

I recently watched Charles Dickens A Christmas Story. I’ve probably seen various versions of it a million times. I’m sure you have too. Old Bob Cratchett possessed the Christmas Spirit year round. He was happy with his family and the season. Something that’s hard to do in our modern times, let alone get that spirit […]

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5 Financial Advice Givers You Need To Ignore

You’ve probably needed some money advice recently. Whether that was about saving, spending or investing. The thing is, money advice comes at you from every direction and there is an endless supply of it. Who did you turn to? Family, friends, online or your bank? Be careful to whom you actually listen to. It can […]

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dow jones

Dow 18,000 Spooking You?

The Dow is within striking range of 18,000 and may hit it by the time I post this article. To be honest, it really doesn’t mean a lot. Many investors get really spooked by these levels. I’m not sure why. If I had to guess why they get spooked, I’d say it’s because they are […]

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