Can’t Pay Your Taxes? Here Are Your Options

Right after New Year’s I start to get that nagging feeling. You know the one. It’s tax time again. Why do I have so much anxiety about this time of the year? It’s because so often I’ve gotten a really big unexpected tax bill. Because I’m self-employed I get to enjoy a special kind of hell […]

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Self-Employment Taxes are a Special Kind of Hell

“That’s a x#$% rip-off!” I shouted. “Why do I have to pay 40% in taxes on the amount I earned extra this year?!” That’s how a recent conversation with my own accountant went this past week. My accountant was surprised I reacted that way. I’m sure he was thinking, “please don’t shoot the messenger.” Needless to […]

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fist of money

Hoarding Cash Like Apple?

Are you sitting on a pile of cash? Does cash make you feel better or safer? For some of you it might make you sleep better at night to have a pile of cash that you could ski down. Some people think the financial system might stop working (hmm sounds familiar). Others hoard cash in case they […]

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Self-Employed? Kiss Your Vacations Goodbye

If you’re self-employed you’ll never get a real vacation again. I read an article on the truths of self-employment recently. I’m in complete agreement that you can kiss your real vacations goodbye. I’ve been self-employed the majority of my 22 years in financial services. And I really wouldn’t have it any other way. But once you […]

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root of all evil

Money Isn’t the Root of all Evil…it’s Procrastination

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” After 22 years of counseling hundreds of investors and savers, I’m pretty sure it’s procrastination. Procrastination can kill you when it comes to saving. Putting off saving, investing or planning for the future can be detrimental to your financial health. You’ve also seen […]

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Business Financial Blow-

Dealing With An Unexpected Financial Blow To Your Business

Remember that time you had that unexpected repair or a client didn’t pay you on time? Or you lost that big account that generates a ton of revenue? As a business owner, there’s nothing quite as stressful as getting blindsided by an unexpected financial blow. And as a business owner, you know you need to prepare. But […]

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Why We Avoid Estate Planning

Have you thought about dying lately? Most of us don’t. However, my daughter had a close friend pass away recently. This shocking and unexpected event got me thinking about death and how fragile our time here really is. In fact, as a financial planner I started thinking about estate planning, and why so many of us put […]

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what's in your wallet-

What’s In Your Wallet?

A couple of years ago I was asked, “What’s in your wallet?”  I wasn’t being asked if I had the best rewards credit card. I was talking to my doctor at the time, complaining of lower back pain. When I showed him this bulging folded cow hide, that unfortunately had everything in it but the green stuff! Men and […]

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6 Financial No Brainers…in Honor No Brainer Day

February 27th is officially No Brainer Day.  I know what you’re thinking. Wow, the perfect holiday for me! I said exactly the same thing. Let’s start with the definition of a “No Brainer”. It’s doing something that is simple, easy, obvious or totally logical. So don’t do the activities that require in any mental work. How […]

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401(k) Limit Updates

Every year someone asks me how much they can actually contribute to their 401(k). There seems to be a ton of confusion. Some 401(k) participants seem to think it’s a percentage. They are confused by the match percentage. Somehow they have confused that’s the max that they should contribute. Not true, that’s the max contribution […]

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