6 Must Have Insurance Policies

Protecting wealth is probably just as important as creating it. Insurance remains a crucial part of a well thought out wealth strategy. Poor planning in just one of these areas could be detrimental to your long-term wealth. It will only take one catastrophe to put you in a world of financial hurt. However, the natural […]

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Got Wealth? Here’s How To Keep It

You’ve saved for years and accumulated quite a pile of wealth. Congratulations! Now your main concern may be keeping it. High net worth clients say their biggest worry is holding on to that pile of cash. You got some dough, what are some ways to protect it? Here are six you can take to the […]

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What’s A Financial Intervention?

I recently read an article about a “Financial Intervention”. It was fascinating. Normally when we hear the word intervention, we would think of friends and family gathered together to stop someone from abusing alcohol or drugs. The hope is that when the person sees how much everyone cares, they will seek help for the addiction. […]

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The Stupidest Investment Question Ever

Believe it or not, September is home to Ask A Stupid Question Day on the 28th! So in honor of Ask A Stupid Question Day, I conjured up a Diligent Advisor article. In fact, thank goodness for the inspiration because I had been struggling with dreaded writers block lately. I really had been asking myself […]

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Debunking Five Stock Market Myths

Looking back on all the financial scandals in the last 10 years or so, it’s amazing that investors still love the stock market! However, there is still a big portion of investors that don’t think it’s worth it to invest in the stock market. They’ve voted with their wallets too. There is an estimated $10 […]

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Pink Piggy Bank

Stop Using Your 401(k) As A Piggy Bank

Did you have a piggy bank as a child? I remember having a piggy bank in my room when I was a kid. You know the kind. It was a pink pig with a cute smile on its face. It had a stopper in the belly that you could easily pop open and dumb the […]

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3 Simple Steps To Financial Gratitude

September is home to quite a few unique days. On the 28th I hope you’ll celebrate national Ask A Stupid Question Day with me! On a more serious note, September 21st honors World Gratification Day. When I talk to people about financial or monetary gratification, I often get a weird look or comment. That’s because […]

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Sudden Wealth From A Legal Settlement?

First, let’s define a Life Event. A life event is a significant event that is either expected or a complete surprise that will change your life. It can also come with significant financial changes as well. A legal settlement is definitely a Life Event. In some cases, it has taken years to receive compensation for […]

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Fall in Kentucky

4 Forgotten Fall Financial Tips

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love the weather and the change of seasons. Fall also is a busy time for me as a financial advisor. I have to prepare year-end reviews for clients, get required distributions completed and work on any tax strategies by December. Besides my financial winterizing for clients, […]

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Columbo Had His Questions, But He Never Hired a New Financial Advisor

I don’t know if you remember the 70’s television detective show Columbo. I may be showing my age even bringing it up! Peter Faulk starred as the L.A. homicide detective in the show. He was very messy and absent-minded. So the criminals usually underestimated him or thought him to be incompetent. Until he started his […]

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