Think Halloween is Scary? Try Retirement

What’s so scary about retirement? According to the clients I’ve worked with over the years…plenty. From losing your working income to rising healthcare costs. There’s a lot to make you jump like a teenager watching a scary movie. So what do current and future retirees have to worry about? Quite a bit actually. Here’s a […]

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My Halloween Plans – Old and New Traditions

This won’t be my traditional article about money. It will be about Halloween. Halloween is the beginning of my favorite time of the year – fall! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and sunshine. But there’s something nice about fall and the crisp air and the holidays that come one after another. Festive…yea, that’s […]

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market correction

What’s Your Plan If The Market Falls?

It’s on every investors mind. Shall we dare speak it? What will I do if the market falls? If you’ve been investing for any length of time then you’ve experienced a market correction much like the one we are in now. But I’m not talking about a mere 10% correction. I’m talking about a drop like […]

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4 Year End Portfolio Moves

October is month when leaves are changing color, there’s a nip in the air signaling the beginning of fall, and of course stock market corrections! I can’t believe as I write this that we have already entered the fourth quarter. Boy time flies! I’m completing my year end client reviews and advising clients on their […]

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Facing The 7 Biggest Money Fears This Halloween Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of Facing The 7 Biggest Money Fears This Halloween, we faced: Fear of Never Getting Out Of Debt Fear of Reviewing Bills and Bank Statements Fear of Losing Your Job Wow! Pretty spine tingling stuff. Now we’ll go deeper into your Biggest Money Fears. So hang on to your wallet. Fear of […]

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data breach

Data Breaches – What’s A Poor Credit Card User To Do?

Holy crap another credit card data breach?! What’s a poor credit card user to do? First, well first and second, it was Target. Then Home Depot and now K Mart. These breaches are starting to be more and more common. They affect millions of card holders. My guess is that the security measures by these […]

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Facing The 7 Biggest Money Fears This Halloween Part 1 of 2

  Will money fears haunt you this Halloween? Now that you’re older, ghosts and goblins don’t scare you anymore. But there’s a more terrifying manifestation that haunts your every thought. It’s far worse than any creepy creature you imagined under your bed as a child. What is this beast that plays on your fears? It’s […]

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Retirement Savings Strategies for The Self Employed

When small-business owners ask me how they should save for retirement, I tell them they don’t need to worry about it – if they like the taste of cat food. If they don’t? In that case, I have some strategies. Before I launch into specifics, though, I think it’s important to emphasize two things about […]

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Is The Roth 401(k) Right For You?

The 401(k) is probably the most popular retirement plan in America. Most of you probably have one where you work. But what’s this Roth 401(k) you’ve been hearing about?  How does it work?  Is it as good a deal for you? The Roth 401(k) seems to be cause more confusion than squirrel in a four-way […]

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6 Must Have Insurance Policies

Protecting wealth is probably just as important as creating it. Insurance remains a crucial part of a well thought out wealth strategy. Poor planning in just one of these areas could be detrimental to your long-term wealth. It will only take one catastrophe to put you in a world of financial hurt. However, the natural […]

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