advisors and retirees

Retired or Retiring Soon? Hire a Financial Advisor

It can be a tough job. Us poor financial advisors sometimes get a bad wrap! We are made out to be less than honest in many commercials, advertisements and frankly by our own kind. But some of us aspire to be professionals. To act with honesty, compassion and enthusiasm for our clients. The right financial […]

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4 Don’ts for Investors During a Correction

It’s finally here. The stock market correction that we’ve all been fearing and anticipating. We haven’t seen a 10% correction since 2011. In addition, we haven’t seen a bear market since 2008-2009 credit crisis. I’m sure you’re wondering just how long it will last, and how bad will it be? Unfortunately, I don’t have those answers. […]

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Should You Prepare for the Bear Market?

It’s been six glorious bull market years since the last correction. It’s been a nice ride. When will it come to an end? There are probably plenty of reasons to start preparing for trouble. Far be it for me to tell you to not be a doomsday prepper. Between the Federal Reserve, China and bonds, […]

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Stranded But Making Memories

Every once in a while I like to stray from my normal type of blog and discuss, in the words of Monte Python; “Now for something completely different.” This past week my wife was going to visit an old family friend and spend a little girl time with my daughter before she moves into the […]

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money stress

Upset? Avoid Major Money Decisions

It’s so easy these days to make money mistakes. It’s super simple when you are upset, angry or sad. If you are experiencing a major life event such as divorce or death of a spouse, decisions can be easily influenced by vultures that want to take advantage of you. Take caution and certainly don’t make […]

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no 401k

No 401(k)? Here’s How to Save for Retirement

Are you one of the many people who don’t have a 401(k) at work? Wondering how in the world you’re going to save for retirement without one? Never fear, I have a few suggestions! There are a few really good options for saving for retirement besides the 401(k) Holy Grail. Read on weary retirement saver […]

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What Rising Interest Rates Mean for You

The financial media has been buzzing with the possibility of a looming interest rate hike. Most economists believe the Federal reserve are determined to hike interest rates as early as September. This after almost 6 years of a zero interest rate policy. So what do higher rates mean to you? First, it means savers will […]

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money down the toilet

How a Financial Advisor Wastes Money

Wasting money is a big regret of mine. I see the long term effects of it in my profession. Every single one of us wastes money on something. It may be a hobby or even a habit. I also have a few things that I waste money on. The list changes a bit as I […]

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My Son’s First Paycheck and His Tax Revelation

We all remember that first summer job after our 16th birthday. Some of us can remember busing tables, working the drive thru window or mowing yards for some extra money. All three of my kids were swimmers and the natural first job at 16 was lifeguarding. As a financial advisor, I insist my children save […]

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Happy Father's Day

5 Financial Lessons from a Financial Advisors Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I love my Dad. I cannot figure out what to get him every Father’s Day. However, he did pass along a nice gift to me. I am grateful that he taught me a few financial lessons in the 21 years I lived with him. I didn’t know it at […]

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