Why We Avoid Estate Planning

Have you thought about dying lately? Most of us don’t. However, my daughter had a close friend pass away recently. This shocking and unexpected event got me thinking about death and how fragile our time here really is. In fact, as a financial planner I started thinking about estate planning, and why so many of us put […]

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what's in your wallet-

What’s In Your Wallet?

A couple of years ago I was asked, “What’s in your wallet?”  I wasn’t being asked if I had the best rewards credit card. I was talking to my doctor at the time, complaining of lower back pain. When I showed him this bulging folded cow hide, that unfortunately had everything in it but the green stuff! Men and […]

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6 Financial No Brainers…in Honor No Brainer Day

February 27th is officially No Brainer Day.  I know what you’re thinking. Wow, the perfect holiday for me! I said exactly the same thing. Let’s start with the definition of a “No Brainer”. It’s doing something that is simple, easy, obvious or totally logical. So don’t do the activities that require in any mental work. How […]

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401(k) Limit Updates

Every year someone asks me how much they can actually contribute to their 401(k). There seems to be a ton of confusion. Some 401(k) participants seem to think it’s a percentage. They are confused by the match percentage. Somehow they have confused that’s the max that they should contribute. Not true, that’s the max contribution […]

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Why Your Beneficiaries Are Important

Who gets your stuff when you die? Can you remember who you listed as beneficiary on all your different accounts? Maybe you think you know, but you should review your beneficiary designations on all applicable accounts. That includes banks, brokerage accounts, life insurance, 401(k)s, pensions and a whole slew of assets. Some of these accounts were set […]

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4 Reasons to Avoid Multiple Financial Advisors

Many investors I talk to use multiple advisors. When I ask why, I commonly get the response, “I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.” That defines diversification for investments and that’s smart. It may not be as smart to diversify amongst financial advisors. Let’s look at a few reasons. Here are […]

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Time to Stress Test Your Investments

When I think of stress test, I imagine a patient in a doctor’s office running on a treadmill. Along with tons of sensor patches connected all over the chest. The point of the stress test is to measure just how much that patient’s heart can take. I think it’s time to stress test your investments. […]

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5 Organization Tips To Make Taxes Less Taxing

It’s almost that time again! Taxes. I can almost see your gnashing your teeth and rolling your eyes right now. Nobody likes to do them. Unless you’re getting a refund like the recent HR Block commercial. The one with stacks of cash with your name on it! I wish. If you are in the camp […]

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Remember I Said I’m Glad I Have 529s?

Well I thought I was glad I had College 529s until this week. Just a mere few weeks after my article was published, President Obama in his State of the Union Address has introduced a new plan to discontinue the tax-free withdrawals on earnings in 529 plans. Proposed Tax Change The President’s position is that […]

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How to Ride the Irregular Income Roller Coaster

Irregular income can be a real roller coaster! Especially if your are self-employed. I’ll admit, that uneven paycheck ride sickened me a few times in the early years of running my business. If you’re self-employed then you likely have irregular income. Let’s face it, budgeting sucks. So here are a few creative ideas on budgeting […]

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