Is Cash Obsolete?

Do you use cash anymore? With the wide use of debit and credit cards, we seem to need it less and less. In spite of the fact that we kill ourselves to acquire more and more of the green stuff! Younger generations use plastic and electronic payments more than anyone. Look at PayPal, Amazon and […]

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Job change

Sudden Wealth From A Job Change?

My Mom worked for the University of Kentucky for 41 years. Yep, 41 years! Who does that anymore? Hardly anyone. Most working Americans will change jobs 11 times during their working years, according to Fidelity Investments. That works out to a job switch about every 4 years. Job transitions are an example of Life Event. […]

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life event

Sudden Wealth From An Inheritance?

In my previous article, Sudden Wealth from A Life Event?, I mentioned a huge number of life altering events that create sudden wealth. This article will focus on an Inheritance. When you inherit money it usually accompanies a very emotional time. You may be still grieving over a lost relative or friend. Sometimes the sudden […]

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lunch and learn

Financial Lessons From A Simple Lunch

Ever gone out to dinner and had a terrible experience? Of course, we all have. Today was one of those rare occasions that I had lunch and dinner at a restaurant.  Oddly enough, both experiences were really bad. I had terrible food for both meals, and one bad attitude server that really didn’t care. Why […]

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life event

Sudden Wealth from a Life Event?

As a financial advisor, I get more than my share of strange phone calls. Some are real doozies! So when I picked up a recent call, I braced for impact! Some calls are really weird, other times someone is soliciting my business. This call wasn’t a question about investing either. The caller had just experienced […]

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debt credit cards

4 Whopper Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid

Debt sucks. Credit card debt really sucks. I’ve seen some unbelievable balances over the years. Besides racking up huge balances on your cards, and living like you’re Ritchie Rich, there are several whopper mistakes you will want to avoid. What are the whopper credit card mistakes you should avoid? 1. Using your credit card for […]

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Bad investment

3 Reasons Investors Fail and the Solutions

We have all made investments that we’d like to forget about. You know the one. The one that had such great promise only to plummet like a runaway elevator in a horror flick! “Why did I buy this?”  “Was my researched flawed in some way?” “Why didn’t I sell sooner!” Just a few questions you probably […]

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Financial Mindfulness – The Path To Worry Free Finances

I’ve always been fascinated with meditation. Recently I started using an iPhone app called Headspace. Headspace walks you through how to mediate. It’s really quite nice. One of the primary things meditation helps with is mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as being in the present, the here and now, fully engaged in whatever is happening, free […]

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4th of july

Will This 4th of July Be Your Financial Independence Day?

Now that the 4th of July is upon us, it may be time to think about our own financial independence! There will be no fireworks and no picnics, just some hard work to reach your own financial independence. I promise it will be worth it. The secrets to achieving financial independence are pretty straight forward. […]

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life insurance

Life Insurance, Who Needs It?

Who really needs life insurance anyway? That’s a great question. Many people are “sold” life insurance every year. Some need it, some don’t. More often than not, it’s probably the wrong amount. My suggestion is to do some financial planning first to determine your need. If you are the only breadwinner in the family, you […]

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